Who Am I?

 I am a product of Dallas ISD schools. My wife Nicole and I have children who are currently in District schools, or who have graduated.  You may recall that our children have won several Martin Luther King, Jr. oratorical competitions.


Besides my own, I have worked with children for many years in local schools and churches.  I currently teach debate at the Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Museum where our students compete in Urban Debate League tournaments and Oratory competitions.

Following in the paths of my mother, Gloria King, retired DISD Principal and father, Hamah R. King, Sr, who was an attorney for the Department of Education, I am committed to civic engagement, and have served on several boards and commissions including the City of Dallas Bond Task Force and the Dallas Mayor's Homelessness Commission. 


My experience in real estate has taught me how to manage budgets, evaluate investments, analyze projections, and value add to portfolios. I believe all these experiences have prepared me to be of service to DISD so I'm asking for your vote. The election is on May 4th, 2019 and early voting begins April 22nd, 2019.

 I'm A Fierce Advocate for District 5...

I am running for the school board because the district is at a major crossroads. Decisions the Board makes and the actions it takes in the next 3 years will shape the trajectory of our children's lives and determine the future of DISD for a long time to come. 

There are a lot of great things happening in DISD; the establishment of the Racial Equity office., increase of early childhood education, development of college and career readiness programming, ACE schools, etc. Unfortunately, inequity in the district still reflects far too much of Dallas’s history and not enough of what must be its future if we are to finally end our city’s racially segregative past and present. In addition, certain state and federal policies and agendas threaten the future of DISD and public schools.


We must have strong, smart stewardship and advocacy if we are to steer a clear course towards the district vision of being a premiere urban school district. I want to make sure progress moves forward and upward, as we continue the mission; educating all students for success.

This is What I Believe... 

My platform centers around three critical issues; 

  1. spurring student success, 

  2. evaluating educator effectiveness, and 

  3. ensuring educational equity. 


With student success, we must begin to holistically expand our view of what this means by not just addressing academic concerns, but the social and emotional development and well-being of our children, by expanding learning opportunities, and improving our focus on college and career readiness. 


Improving educator effectiveness is critical for student achievement. We must improve recruitment and retention, evaluate and improve on performance evaluation, find ways to increase pay, and helping educators to focus on identifying and engaging academic and social relevance for students. 


By ensuring education equity, our program offerings, our educator quality distribution, and campus funding must not just be equalized, but must be driven by the goal of reversing the adverse effects of historic and systemic segregation and discrimination upon our student population.


If we focus on the holistic growth of our children, the facilitation of excellence in our educators, and the equitable distribution of educational opportunity, we can make DISD a national example of excellence in education.  As your next District 5 trustee, I will never stop fighting for the betterment of our children and our community.  

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